How to get an invite on logoHow to get an invitation to the torrent tracker ? is a private tracker with lots of good quality music. I do not like to seek an invite in forums and popular blogs in topics " Invites to " with a thousand comments.

    There is a simple official way. To do this, you need to know English, be able to use IRC and have an idea of ​​audio formats and codecs. Well, and how to use torrents, of course.

    Briefly: it is necessary to get an invite to connect to the IRC-channel # on the server and go through a simple interview.

    Further in the details.

    Preparatory operations

    1. Measure your internet connection . Save the link to the measurement result of the form:

    2. Refresh your knowledge about audio codecs, encoding formats, lossy and lossless compression, transcoding on the Hydrogenaudio Knowledgebase . Take this item responsibly.

    Useful links:

    Getting to the interview

    3. Launch your favorite IRC client. Many people like mIRC . I am quite happy with the client built into the Opera browser .

    • Connect to the server , port 6667 .
    • Check out the # channel .

    Do not ask for an invite on other channels - you will most likely be banned.

    4. Dial! Queue and a link to your speed measurement result , which was prepared in the first step.

    For example :! Queue

    You will join the queue waiting for an interview.

    5. When your turn comes up, in a separate room you will be asked a couple of dozen questions. For instance:

    • Please sort these in order of highest to lowest quality: V2, 320, Flac.
    • Can you explain what a lossless audio codec is? Also, give two examples.
    • What is V0? What about V2?

    It is necessary to answer in your own words, you do not need to copy from sites. Notice and banned. It is desirable to respond quickly. If you do not know the answer to some question, write that you do not know.

    When you successfully answer all the questions (if you are not an idiot and have carefully considered the second point), you will be asked for an e-mail address, and they will send the coveted invite. The whole procedure took me about 20 minutes.

    It is also recommended that you read this page first: # Introduction . You will still be offered to read it while you wait in line for an interview.

    People conducting interviews are quite lively and sane. Invite, for some reason, stubbornly did not want to come to my mailing address, I wrote about it there in the chat. They sent again, he did not come again, then they sent him to another address.

    Good luck.

    The original article on my blog .

    Note. I do not distribute invitations to


    pointum sent a message like this:
    I rebooted the modem several times so that the IP changes and I can enter the room.

    From correspondence during the interview: Since that blog post, we've been seeing alot of Russians here!
    me: At some moment I thought you've banned russian ips I believe we did.
    me:: D Just banned from here, not the entire site.

    Thanks for the post. Just received an invite, I hope I find something that was not found.

    Upd. 12/25/2010 a person wrote to me on ICQ and asked to post an add-on.

    I wanted to ask you a little favor. You on a habr have a post about how to get an invite on What.CD. Could you add a couple of links to it - I’m a Vata interviewer, I translated it to a Russian site to prepare for the interview, it will be more convenient for people.

    While it will be hung on an offsite, let the links in your post prompt - this is the first most popular search result for the query “invite to What.CD”.


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