For whom are supermarkets designed?

    I thought here about how the departments are located in those grocery stores where I go, and why exactly. At first glance, everything was designed somehow illogical. But this is at first glance!

    I searched the network for materials. On vskidku you can refer to this .
    It begins “for health”: everything for the buyer, everything for its convenience, walkways should be wide, shelves low, etc. It ends “for peace”: arrange departments so that the buyer’s route between departments with essential goods is maximized (i.e., roughly speaking, meat, bread, milk - at different ends of the trading floor), so that there are more unmotivated / spontaneous purchases, etc. In general, everything is actually not for the convenience of the buyer, but to maximize sales.
    In principle, this situation is understandable: supermarkets are not charitable, but commercial organizations, which means they think primarily about themselves. And all these arehere the ideas of "Supermarket 2.0" certainly look great, but are unlikely to be implemented in the near future. Maximum - minor improvements . It’s a pity ...
    But I’m not really talking about that. I’m talking about how and why departments of departments are so designed.
    After thinking about how the departments are located in those stores where I go, I realized that in fact the only similarity of the layout is the vegetable department at the entrance. In the future, everything is different. Probably depends on the room? But from what else? Is it possible to single out any unified schemes?
    For example, for Bahetle, which I like to go to most of all, the scheme is something like this:
    • Vegetables fruits
    • Alcohol
    • Bread
    • Grocery
    • Ready meal
    • A fish
    • Meat
    • Sausages
    • Cheeses
    • Milk products
    • Frozen products
    • Chocolates
    • Soft drinks
    • Baby food
    • Rest

    I wonder how in other stores?
    For example, Lebedev designed stores. It would be interesting to talk to him about this.

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