VK 2.0

    Durov.ru is the first and most striking example of the User API . As mentioned earlier, a single VKontakte database is used, as a result, in the login form at the top of the site, enter your username (email address) and password and the same VKontakte will open for you, but in a different, more convenient wrapper (web 2.0). With the new interface it is more pleasant to view the status of your friends, the latest photos, etc ... The only language currently available is English. In addition to another interface, you can discover a number of new features, functions and consequences:
    • downloading audio / video directly from the site;
    • viewing photos in high resolution;
    • automatic display of new messages and updating the list of messages;
    • View the pages of friends whose accounts have been deleted.

    Moreover, the use of durov.ru makes it possible to fully or partially disclose the information of other users. Using durov.ru you can view private photos. In addition, more information is available on pages that are protected by privacy settings.

    Afterword. My goal was to indicate what the opening of the User API and access to the VKontakte database can lead to, even through the notorious API itself ... It is clear that not all data is really deleted when it is cleaned in the interface, but only marked with a special flag that hides them . Access and close study of the API by competent people can lead to leakage and disclosure of information about users who the latter would prefer to hide or delete completely. In addition, VKontakte is a good example of how products are created there by local developers - they first make and then patches the holes after they are widely known and exploited (the same quick look, for example).

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