Training: Agile Product Management

    Hello everyone from today I would like to start talking about the other side of Agile. This story is about how to effectively develop a product from a management point of view. Let today's post be partly advertising, but still I think it will suggest thoughts about the problems and possible solutions to the issue of effective product development.

    And So Today I would like to talk a little about the new training. It reveals the secrets of managing software products in the face of constant change. ;).

    Most recently, I got a call from a large software company. After the introduction of Scrum in the company, conflicts began. The head complained that the developers began to challenge management decisions on the development of a particular feature in iteration.It turned out that the transition to iterative and incremental development simply exacerbated the existing problems! Management poses tasks that are not needed from a business point of view. :(
    Development blames management for inadequacy. Management, in turn, blames development for incorrect execution. Lost team time and company money. And we want the product to make money :)!

    How often have you worked in Agile projects where the overall goal of the iteration is not entirely clear ?! In a project in which there is a Backlog, but people who are involved in the development of the product do not understand the goals of the release. As it turned out, this happens in many companies, both in small and in companies with multimillion-dollar budgets. The fact is that many of the phrase “End of iteration = finished and working product” is understood as writing the “ideal” stable code at the end of the iteration, forgetting about the true business goals of the product.
    I would like us not to make such mistakes.

    Every project should have an understanding of why and for whom the product is being developed. For this, a Product Concept or Product Vision is created. Product Vision is a document describing the way in which a product should develop from a business point of view, bringing the meaning of development to the entire project team. The concept should be clear and communicated to everyone from Product Owner and Team to customers and all interested parties. Having a correctly formulated Product Vision is one of the components of a project’s success.

    At our super-training :) one of the topics that we will examine in detail will be writing Product Vision.
    We’ll talk about how to write it so that this document is useful and effective in the project.
    We will try to learn first of all to think about the project from the point of view of business.

    This completely new training, we have never once in the life of the company not immersed you in the features of the work of product teams in Agile and are ready to share secrets :). The training will be interesting to those who are somehow connected with the management of software projects.

    We are waiting for everyone who is not alien to the love of the product being developed :).

    Abstracts of the training can be viewed here.
    You can sign up for the training here.

    I will lead it, Nikita Filippov.

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