Fox Trick, or Firefox Optimization

    For the second day, dejected by the slow operation of the computer and the Firefox browser in particular, I surfed the Internet for optimization tips. Today I still managed to stumble upon a really useful article .

    I would like to give a small excerpt from it, thanks to which I was able to dramatically increase the speed of loading pages. Judging by eye, the speed increased about once every 5 (for lovers of pathos figures, 400 percent )

    “By default, the browser sends requests sequentially within the same connection, enabling“ pipelining ”support within one request, you can organize mixed simultaneous downloading of several files by sending the next request without waiting for the previous one to be completed. “Pipelining” can lead to a noticeable increase in server load, so you
    should use this feature sparingly.
    The “pipelining” control in about: config is done through the variables:

    network.http.pipelining - set true
    network.http.proxy.pipelining - set true
    network.http.pipelining.maxrequests - the size of the parallel request queue, for example 5 ”

    PS I apologize for repeating did not immediately notice (

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