A startup is either birth or reality.

    How are startups born? ... That's right, from an idea, but we all know very well that a “bare" idea in itself is nothing. If you are not a programmer - a loner, if you do not have friends - a programmer, designer, marketer, then your idea will remain with you. But still I really want the idea to come true and have the right to survive.

    The goal of my topic is to organize, assemble a small team, again for the idea and don’t have to laugh at me ... (they say one more wise guy), it’s easier to find a team and an investor if necessary (except for the product for the investor, the team is IMPORTANT). Try one of you to carry away, infect, because one - not a warrior in the field (and not a programmer, not a designer) in order to at least primitively sow an idea, but outlining both working conditions and a share for the future (legally it can be done), and conduct discussions here on the hub access, so as not to get stuck inside the team itself.
    So the idea itself is like that, but naturally it’s also being discussed, because it is precisely on this that the “prototype" of the product will depend, which will be sown if there are those who wish.
    Owning domains:
    1. nekupi.ru (by the way, “buy” - 4,000,000 requests in Yandex today, and a month ago it was 8,500,000, but this is lyrics), I think to create a project on the topic: do not buy - not high quality, do not buy - expensive, not buy - not licensed, do not buy - ... namely, tests, reviews, discussions, ratings. I looked for something similar on the net, found market.yandex.ru, testfreaks.ru and various forums - look, check it out.
    2. widefan.com English-language project - online lessons from everyone and for everyone, and in interests, and in various categories, monetization is huge in the future. Starting from playing the guitar and ending ... and it will not only be communication, but also the satisfaction of some needs, for example: the 23-year-old guitarist Chris Elmore, who earned $ 9 per hour, decided to radically change his life and opened in An Internet site dedicated to learning to play the guitar - guitartips.com.au - and earned $ 200,000 a year.
    Who I would like to see on the team (discussed):
    programmers, designer, tester, marketing manager.
    Criticism is accepted ...

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