RU is finally cheaper than COM ... but for some reason it is not happy

    This morning I received a letter from RU-CENTER informing me of a change in tariffs. I followed the link and found that the cost of registering a domain in the RU zone finally became lower than registering a domain in the COM zone. But this did not come from the fact that registration in the RU zone fell in price, registration in other zones just went up in price. The registrar reports that the change in tariffs is caused by a change in the dollar. In rubles, prices rose by about 38%. The crisis ...

    For clarity, I made a tablet.
    Here is what the change in registration cost at the Ru-Center in various zones looks like:
    zoneold registration pricenew registration priceold renewal pricenew renewal priceprice increase in rubles

    UPD: The Ru-Center page on which links to old and new tariffs are presented at the same time is here .
    UPD2: Well, now for what? To whom was it bad that I did my information topic? Does this look like advertising or copy-paste? Honestly - asshole. Finish to the minus, so that I do not spend more time on you.

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