Compiling a QT program under Windows - dependencies

    For fun, I decided to feel Qt.

    Accordingly, I downloaded Qt Creator, created a project, played with action games and more. And I wanted to assemble this project into an .exe file.

    The debug in the framework of Creator was perfect, but after Build - .exe gave me the requirement of mingwm10.dll dependency.

    I got it on Google, and after some time of searching I realized to copy

    C: \ QT \ QTCreator \ bin \ mingwm10.dll, as well as
    C: \ QT \ QTCreator \ qt \ bin \ QtCore4.dll
    C: \ QT \ QTCreator \ qt \ bin \ QtGui4.dll

    to the build folder. Only after that it worked.

    But the problem remains of the subsequent distribution of the program. Really, in order to transfer your creation of 100 kilobytes in size to another person, you need to do an installer to upload the above files to System32?

    Dear experts, enlighten me - is it really impossible to assemble a project together with addictions?
    Maybe somehow you can reduce the volume of 13 megabytes of libraries for a 100 kilobyte program?

    UPD: Connoisseurs write that libraries are required.

    The choice is small then - either pack NSIS (it turned out 4.5 megabytes for an empty project), or make a network installer with an auxiliary program that will pull dependencies, or make solid - as it is.

    Even if you build static libraries, you’ll just get a bloated .exe file

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