ASCII steganography in your pictures

    Everyone knows ASCII art , which allows you to draw any kind of picture using standard ASCII encoding. At the same time, everyone knows steganography - the art of hiding information in files that are open to everyone in such a way that no one even knows what to look for in them. And if he finds it, he will not be able to decode, because strong cryptography is used.

    Fun craftsmen decided to cross two of these technologies for fun - ASCII art and steganography. As a result, a new service has appeared where you can upload your photo and documents up to 40 KB in size, and the program will generate an ASCII image with information securely encrypted in it (no one bothers to use a 128-bit key before placing it in an ASCII container).

    For example, here in this ASCII logo of Habr, 100x100 pixels in size, the entire text of this note is encoded. Other examples here . Each example can be decoded on the page with the decoder (just make a copy-paste of the image into the text form of the decoder).

    Currently, due to the heavy load on the server, the maximum image size that undergoes ASCII encoding has been reduced from standard 200x200 pixels to 100x100.

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