Today, on the Stream website, information has appeared that all subscribers of this provider can rent (30 rubles / month) a WiFi router to expand the global FON Wireless network.

    By renting a router and setting it up for public access, you will enable all users who have access to the FON Wireless network to use your Internet for free.
    But having given the opportunity to use your other Internet, in return you can also use anywhere in the world to use WiFi access to the Internet of any other user on the FON Wireless network.

    More information on the website:

    UPD. I did not find information on the site, I had to call STREAM. LaFonera + routers provide rental services.

    UPD2. I went to the office. It turns out that a router for rent is given only along with a modem rental ... To a reasonable question, why did a long-time STRIMA client have another modem, the consultant only shrugged and advised to come back a little later. He said that soon routers will have to give and without taking extra. modem for rent. For those who still decide to take a modem + router, the rental price will be 59 rubles / month.

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