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We live in Russia, and are proud that our country is the largest in the world! An incredibly huge piece of the planet, allows you to reach a very large number of customers. Who knows, maybe your client is in Khabarovsk, while you are looking for him in St. Petersburg. In the 21st century, distance has lost some power, and communication is now available regardless of distance, but before you communicate with a client, you need to find it, and it is not always easy to communicate on an Internet with a client. Hence the conclusion: in order to organize normal work with a client from another city, you, in this city, need your own person. That is - the manager. In this article I will try to tell how to find managers in different parts of our country, and to establish work with clients through them. Everything written below relates to the organization of work of web-studios.

What is the salt?

And the whole point is that if you put aside geography, Russia is far from one country, because you, in Moscow or St. Petersburg, have the same living conditions, in us, in Vladikavkaz, are completely different. In general, in the article, I will call Moscow studios as Moscow studios, and Vladikavkaz studios as provincial studios, because at one time I worked in both. From here, two interesting features arise:
  • In the province, the level of website creation is quite low, but there are cool companies that can pay a good amount for a decent site, and local studios cannot offer a site of this level.
  • In big cities, website development costs a lot of money, but there are small companies that cannot pay that kind of money, and they would have liked an average site, at a low price, exactly what the provincial studios offer.

And two questions immediately arise: Why is the level of website creation in the province worse and why are sites cheaper in the province? Here we have a tale of two ends: in the province, salaries are much lower than capital salaries, programmers do not receive more than 20 thousand in principle, and 20 thousand in the provinces are a very large salary, therefore all the best programmers and designers work either remotely for capital firms or work freelance, hence the poor quality of sites. The middle Vladikavkaz studio is one programmer, one designer (who has no idea what design is, he graduated from the art and knows how to “draw a little”), and in rare cases, the project manager managing these two unfortunates.

How to look for managers.

There should be no problems with the search for managers. In due time, within two days, in my ace there appeared a section “managers” with 52 new contacts, it’s another matter that after a month I deleted 90 percent of them, but even 5-6 managers in different cities can really increase your income. Offer managers 10-15 percent of the contract amount, and in no case do not put them on a paycheck, because it’s stupid ... The manager should not have special knowledge, then I’ll tell you how to organize the work in such a way that the manager is only a means of communication. Its main task is to find a client, and be an intermediary. So, almost anyone who understands the Internet can become a manager, and who does not understand the Internet now? Of course, the manager must be able to distinguish a corporate site from a business card, but if a person is interested in your offer, he will understand the basics, and if not ... why do you need such a manager? In any case, you do not risk anything, he will bring you a client, give him his percentage, and earn it yourself, if you don’t, you won’t earn it.Attention: You shouldn’t take absolutely stupid ones either, remember, the client builds his opinion on your studio precisely by communicating with your manager, and many irresponsible managers can really ruin your reputation ... From personal experience I’ll say that the girls achieve the best results ...
In the end articles links to sites where you can search for managers.

Scheme of work

When I thought on the topic “How to work with clients through managers”, I was based on the fact that the manager should not be technically savvy, it should, first of all, be a charming young person who can represent the company, which will make a good impression on the customer, and which will cause the customer a sense of trust, and then will be able to explain why we put sites on this particular cms, and why the option with user registration is more expensive. Here is my working scheme:
  • The manager finds the client and tells you everything that he knows about him
  • You send the questionnaire to the manager, with questions about the client’s wishes for the site’s functionality and design, he passes the questionnaire to the client, the client fills it out, the manager returns the questionnaire to you (link to the questionnaire at the end of the article).
  • Based on the questionnaire, you write the technical task on the site, send it to the manager, he shows it to the client, the client approves.
  • You send the manager a contract with your signature (not electronic, real, paper), and the finished statement of work, the client signs on both documents.
  • Prepayment.
  • Your designer, according to the statement of work, makes a design sketch that the manager shows to the client.
  • Further, the sketch is finalized, in accordance with the comments of the client.
  • After the design is approved, work is underway on website programming.
  • Minor improvements / corrections.
  • The work is completed.
  • Full payment for the site.

As a result, it turns out that your manager is a kind of icq through which you communicate with the client.

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