Recommend a simple and convenient CMS for small sites

    Until now, they have put all the customer sites on Bitrix. The system itself is paid and requires a rather expensive hosting for normal operation, but this didn’t bother the customers much.

    Now, due to the deterioration in the financial situation of potential customers, they also decided to offer "low-budget" options for small sites (10-20 pages). Of course, the question arose of choosing a free CMS, not overloaded with unnecessary functionality, simple and convenient. What do you advise?


    - Stable work on the most common hosting, with a load of up to 500 people per day.
    - Simple and intuitive admin interface, with a visual editor for creating pages.
    - Convenient work with templates - the ability to "pull" any design layout, without picking the core and other dances with a tambourine.
    - CNC

    - The presence of feedback modules and a guest book (or a primitive forum).
    - Flexibility in managing the menu (it does not have to be rigidly tied to the structure of the site).
    - Inline editing.

    The main requirement is intuitive and minimal complexity in mastering. So that even the secretary is not confused. I really hope for good advice!

    UPD: I forgot the most important thing, the interface should be Russified.

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