MODx released

    And, of course, gift No. 1 cannot be anything else but a new release. :-) The

    new version continues the path of the previous ones and offers us even more stability, even greater speed optimization and new versions of extensions.

    Here is some incomplete list:

    - the "path to the CSS file" is added to the manager profile, you can use your own for each user
    - the TinyMCE visual editor has been updated to
    - the image path error in the Newspublisher snippet has
    been fixed - user blocking has been fixed if authentication
    is incorrect - the error has been fixed in Newspublisher and calendar (404) when using FormBlog chunk
    - problem with initial SET NAMES vs SET CHARACTER SET resolved
    - changing Tv parameters now does not spoil the order in the template that was assigned to them
    - fixed a bug with resetting meta tags when editing
    - fixing display of user photos in the control system
    - processing duplication for version MySQL <4.0.14 fixed
    - minimum PHP requirements changed up to version 4.2.0
    - when duplicating resources, the category
    is saved - QuickEdit is fixed to work correctly with the CNC turned on without using a tag in the template
    - when duplicating a template, communication with TV parameters
    is preserved - d Added accounting encoding in the header search for the control system
    - fixed Captcha in WebSignup snippet
    - fixed a bug in the system settings for the default template, if during installation without demo content the
    characters '.', '-', and '_' in the names of TV parameters
    are allowed - Jot was updated to version 1.1.4
    - eForm was updated to version
    - AjaxSearch has been updated to version 1.8.1
    - fixes in user rights management
    - for editing TV parameters, the Possible Values ​​field has been changed from input to textarea
    - alignment of icons in the document tree for the MODxLight theme has
    been fixed - various errors during the extended update have been fixed MODx
    - deleted files snippet.ditto.php and snippet.reflect.php, which had a vulnerability
    - the extension of the snippet.ajaxSearch file was changed to .txt for security
    - the Image TV Preview plugin was updated
    - the vulnerability in Weblogin was fixed
    - the manager ht.access was updated to disable mod_security if it was installed
    - the sample robots.txt file was added
    - the SQL injection vulnerability in the manager was fixed search
    - fixed the OnWebPageComplete event

    and many other items that may not be so noticeable, but no less important.

    Direct download link: MODx

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