10 interesting facts about “Invite! RU"

    Dear habrasociety! We present to your attention the project " Invite! Ru " - a service for planning and organizing events. The opening of the project took place on October 3, 2008. For more than two months of the site’s work, we have expanded the functionality, and today we want to tell you about the ten most interesting, in our opinion, features of the resource.

    1. Web-based event planner. With the help of " Invite! Ru ", users can plan and save any events: holidays, parties, meetings with friends, birthdays, weddings, corporate parties, housewarming parties, vacations and many other events. A calendar of personal events and upcoming holidays will remind the organizer of a planned event.

    2. Not a social network.Unlike social networks, invitees do not need to register on the site to communicate with the organizer of the event, so the organizer can invite family, relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances from different cities and countries to their events. Guests only need to have an email address (e-mail) and Internet access.

    3. Open and closed events. All events that users create or participate in are divided into open and closed. If the event is closed, it will be available only to the organizer and guests. An open event, on the contrary, is visible to everyone and anyone can register for it.

    4. Beautiful invitation templates.Creating an invitation begins with a choice of subjects and design of the invitation. To date, our artists have prepared 200 invitation templates with holiday cards and illustrations. If users do not want to use ready-made color templates, they can add their own picture or photo to the invitation.

    5. Interactive invitation features. Having determined the type of invitation, the event organizer fills out the invitation form . In addition to entering general information about the event, you can offer guests to vote different dates and times of the event, or ask guests to bring something with them.

    6. Distribution of invitations by e-mail and other channels.By filling in the details of the event, the organizer adds a list of guests and sends an invitation. In addition to the automatic e-mail distribution of invitations, it is possible to share the link to the invitation with friends whose email addresses are not always known. So far, this opportunity is available only for open events.

    7. Feedback from guests. As soon as the guests receive the original invitation-card by e-mail, the event organizer will be able to track who viewed the invitation, who registered for the event, who answered what and what comments he left, how many people are coming. You can also discuss the details of the event with guests by sending them additional messages.

    8. Photo reports from the events.After the celebration, party or meeting has come to an end, the organizer and guests can always return to the invitation and add their photos from the meeting to it or see and comment on the photo albums of other guests. All photos of the past event are stored in one place.

    9. Additional features. Internal mail is available for correspondence with guests, profile privacy settings and an address book that stores contact information about guests. If there are a lot of email addresses, you can also use the automatic function of importing contacts from mail services.

    10. Web 2.0 site. The " Invite! Ru " interactive electronic invitations are made using AJAX ( YUI ) and are a platform forcollective user participation in event planning and organization. Today, the organizer and guests of the event can discuss the details of the event together , upload photos and share their experiences and ideas with each other.

    We will be very happy for your questions, comments, comments and suggestions!

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