How much traffic can a direct link from give? Experience G1

    imageCan you imagine that a highlighted link to your site / blog appeared on the Google search start page? For many, this is a real dream, but how much traffic will actually lead the most popular search engine this way? According to an analysis published on the Compete resource , a link to the T-Mobile G1 news , which hung for a week on the search start page, yielded only 800,000 unique users for the entire time.

    Compete writes that during this period about 99 million people visited the page - from this we can conclude that the percentage of clicks on the link was less than 1% of the total number of visitors. In truth, I was surprised by such a low figure, but, as it turned out, surprises are just beginning.


    In fact, Compete reports that the same link cited only 40% of the hits that hit page G1. This is a fairly average indicator, and I’m sure that a large percentage of visitors come to the same Habrahabr just by searching. As a result, a direct link to the page announcing G1 was not even in the forefront of the success of the campaign - there were resources and marketing moves that led to a larger percentage of visitors.

    Another proof that even undisguised and direct “advertising” by the world leader in search is far from a panacea.

    via ReadWriteWeb

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