CMS for photographers

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    Good day.

    I wanted to present you another ready-made project that I originally did for myself, but I can share it.

    Some time after I started taking pictures, my head came up with the idea of ​​uploading photos either using some CMS on my site or on some popular website.

    The only CMS that I liked and met many requirements was PixelPost (, but I wanted a different photo viewing structure.

    On existing sites, there was what I wanted, but there was no desire to pay quite a lot of money for premium accounts on them. And I decided ...

    Three days without sleep - and that's what I wanted. The admin is simple to disgrace, of course. There is a form for adding and editing albums and a form for uploading / editing photos and previews. Screenshot of CMS .

    The rest is pure HTML template and CSS.

    If someone is interested in the system: write to Anykeys in a personal email , I will send an archive with a script in a response letter.
    And I would like to hear suggestions about adding any functions to the script, while I'm interested in developing it.

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