uTorrent for Macs

    Good news for fans of torrents, in combination - makovodov!
    This morning, the lucky ones who signed up for news about the release of the mac version of the program received a message in the mail

    Psst ...

    You asked us to tell you about ĀµTorrent Mac developments.

    The beta is out. It's Leopard and Intel only right now, but we're working
    to expand support soon.

    Get it here: mac.utorrent.com/beta

    Remember it's beta software, so there may be bugs and annoyances. Please
    help us make it better by contributing to the conversation in the forums

    - The ĀµTorrent Mac Team

    The link to download the beta version has not yet appeared on utorrent.com , so not everyone can be content with uTorrent for Mac.

    The client has already begun to test, it is very pleasing to the unpretentiousness of uTorrent to the resources of the machine, which in no way can be attributed to its main, now competitor - Transmission , although it does not occupy it in the abundance of settings yet.

    At the moment, version 0.9 is available on the site - Download (1.4 mb).

    Main window
    Main window

    basic settings
    Basic settings

    Download Settings

    Channel Width Settings
    settings Channel width

    Bittorrent Settings
    settings Bittorrent

    Network settings
    settings Network settings

    THX to: pribytkin
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