Jerry Young quits Yahoo! CEO

    Jerry Young: legend man, co-founder of Yahoo! Yesterday, he resigned as CEO of the company, returning to his usual Yahoo Chief post, whatever that means.

    In June 2007, after the retirement of entertainment industry veteran Terry Semel , Young was appointed by the board of directors to a position that effectively represents the company’s face and senior management body. This step was made for a reason: already at that time, Yahoo was preparing for massive reorganizations and innovations, and, according to shareholders, the face of the founder of the company will look good against the backdrop of all the changes.

    By that time, the company had fairly successful products (compared to an even earlier period), such as Yahoo! Music, which was a money vein for the company, or Yahoo! Buzz. All this not to mention already promoted resources: Flickr, and others. And just at that moment, “Yahu” became the object of desire for software giants, like Microsoft - we all know this story. The main changes that were planned were made: these are new platforms, products, the integration of user profiles in a social network. In my opinion, this was the reason for leaving the place of constant tension.

    Before leaving, Jerry Young wrote a noteto all Yahoo employees, which ends with the words: “I am more grateful to the continued efforts of all of you - we have made Yahoo more open and competitive.”

    At the old / new post of Chief (regarding Young - this is the position of a web evangelist) Jerry will undoubtedly continue to influence the products and life of the company, we can only hope that Yahoo will not stop there and will not die in the clutches of the corporation anymore.

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