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    Imagine that you are me.
    I, who laid out the world into three components.
    A person who builds a business and personality from: (1) concentration, (2) energy and (3) freedom.
    Only three entities manage our business and our personality.
    Build a triangle of efficiency from these forces, develop it in yourself, and in your organization. fig. Concentration, energy and freedom - form a triangle of efficiency.

    Two years ago, I promised the magazine “Company Management” a new article. They have already published my "Top Time Management"and wanted to continue. For two years I struggled with the theory of management, tested it in my business, changed it, redid it. During this time, the article resulted in a book, which, I hope, will be released in late 2006. (now the end of 2008, I have one and a half books - and I want to print only one, so I'm here for thoughts) But I did not forget about the article. She is in front of you. It bears the same name as my future, not yet born book - “The Tao of a Businessman”. This is no accident, all this time it seemed to me that harmony should not leave the business, that business should strive for inner beauty. I was very pleased to see this in practice and form a theory of embodiment. I work in one of the most open and fastest areas of human activity - I manage Internet projects. In my world, greed and disrespect for people have truly devastating consequences. I have experience working with completely unmanageable employees, many of whom work at night, sleep three times a day, and in winter wear t-shirts in the cold. And I know that this world has no way to live differently, to love differently. I'm happy.

    With best wishes, to all readers of the magazine “Company Management” HabraHabra Alexei Mas

    This is how the triangle of efficiency looks like in the imagination of an unenlightened artist.


    To win, it is enough to have two soldiers in the direction where the enemy has only one (ancient strategic wisdom).
    (in order to win in the competition, you just need to choose a site where you can create an absolute advantage, victory in this area will be the beginning of your success)
    Concentration consists of three components:
    - Goals (what people and organization strive for )
    - Plans (victory scheme)
    - The path of will (personal qualities for the implementation and mechanics for bringing the intended implementation)


    Each goal is a part of you.
    Listen to yourself (take care of your inner voice). Listen to the inner voice of your employees (their unspoken desires).
    Push the path into your subconscious. Trust intuition. Use methods of working with intuition (feed intuition - indulge her in her desires, trust, educate her).
    Create your own privacy. Work at night, work when solitude is possible, appreciate it (strong door, the right secretary).

    "The goals should be poured out of concrete, and the plans should be written in the sand" (the one who said - said very true).
    Plans absorb your energy - plan with love.
    Choose funds after choosing goals. When you are developing a plan, think about “what” would you like to achieve, and only then “how” (what you want always differs from what you have achieved). Proceed from desires, and look for opportunities under them, and not vice versa.

    With the correct organization of labor, be guided only by monthly or annual plans. But in anticipation of the ideal - plan every day.
    The main plans for the continuity and absence of cavities - "holes", as well as the relationship of large plans with detailed ones. If there is a breakdown in the plans, then the energy will go there.

    Way of will
    Be persistent.
    Good things are done over the years, it is only possible to go broke in 5 minutes.
    Reinvest power, energy, time, money (complete business beautiful). Do not leave gaps in business, otherwise you run the risk of finding them out of shape (like a balloon, it blows away). Let the presence of imperfection in affairs evaluate your heart, and not your mind (harmony is the work of the soul, not of the mind). Glaziers determine the integrity of a glass by its ringing, intuitive leaders measure the harmony of the matter with the voice of the heart.
    Achieve ideality, it is the desire for ideality that separates talent from mediocrity (uncompromising ideality). Talents will not work in your organization if they understand that you are not a fighter for ideality.
    Will is a way to keep the right direction at the moments when you need to change course (will is the adhesion of tires to the road). Will is very important with vigorous movement. But the containment method (will) is not effective and durable. A more advanced method is energy management (desire). The will forms walls on which your and other people's energy breaks, and is harmful to health (I managed to get sick, testing the method of developing my will on myself). Manage energy, inspire employees. Talented people do not contain walls and do not allow others to build walls in front of them. Talent is not motivated by necessity, talent is motivated by desire - positively (inspiration is all that you can do for it).
    The leader should limit the tasks of his immediate subordinates, and not multiply them. Leadership is a calling to show the way. And what is the ability to choose a path, if not cutting off unnecessary roads?

    Take the most important thing. You should not read every page, they are by no means equivalent. The meaning is not on every page of the book.
    Dismiss employees as enthusiastically as you hire them.
    Close projects with the same passion as open new ones.
    Limit the number of entities - and concentration will come to you.


    Motivation is the science of satisfaction. What exactly delights you and your customers?
    Two principles:
    - Love everyone (disinterestedly and just like that)
    - Believe in yourself

    Love everyone
    See your dreams in other people's dreams. Begin the mission of the company with the dreams of your employees and the dreams of your customers. One who believes in the dreams of others controls everything.
    God gave us love, and only our crazy hands made her greed.
    If you exude love, love will return to you; if you exude greed, only greed will return.
    Love allows people around us to be ourselves, to manifest whole and to the end.
    Communicate with people, keep in touch. In order to be a person of influence you need only one thing - to listen to other people.

    Believe in yourself
    Others cannot be more confident in you than you are self-confident.
    Man exists in order to believe in himself.
    Believe in your employees. Faith even makes God what he is.

    Build on success. Collect wins
    (nothing motivates us like our own successes).

    Study yourself.
    Take decisive action.
    Thought, then done. This is a formula of action. "Felt = thought = said = done"
    Our body is created in such a way that: thinking about one thing and doing another - you can’t stay healthy.
    This principle organizes both thoughts and deeds. To think is pulling a bowstring. If you thought, but didn’t, then the “arrow of action” dug into your heart.


    Freedom is a state of mind when any road that you take leads you to your goal.
    There are only two freedoms:
    - Freedom from the past
    - Freedom from the future

    Freedom from the past

    Use springboards for radical transformations:
    new year, new diary, new thing, everything that your subconscious can catch on to push off and fly.

    Lack of inspiration - there is a drop in the abyss of consumption
    . Avoid consumption. What you consume is already dead. Consumption litter life channels. Do not mix things, every thing like a snake has a tail, in the past and the future. You will get a suffocating noose if you put several snakes in one basket.
    Create completeness
    so that old things let you go.

    Freedom from the future

    Love your mistakes.
    Everything that is done with a pure heart can be redone.
    Assume everything, that’s literally everything, but don’t let the shadow of sorrow fall on your heart.

    Motivated by caring for people, not your own significance.
    Significance can be lost and you can worry that it can be lost. You can always take care of people.

    Practice change.
    If you stand, then the past will catch you from behind, and the future will press you in front. Get in motion to create space for action. Intuition is that part of consciousness that is constantly in motion. Draw, dance, sing - to open the eyes of your soul.
    Making a decision frees the mind. Nothing clutters the brain like unaccepted decisions.
    Love the uncertainty.
    Build and be happy!

    Author: Alexey Mas (alexeymas@gmail.com)

    The text was published in the magazine “Company Management” 1, 2006
    This text is to some extent dear to me, so I will be glad to accept comments and comments on the paper in paper envelopes and in any other way

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