issue number 3

    Good afternoon, reader!

    If the second issue of the magazine came out late, then we tried to release the third on time. Those who missed the second issue can catch up on this link .

    This time on our cover, we tried to achieve a sense of Africa. Yellow, black, green tones and a flying cheetah - all this is Africa or what we know about it. Why a cheetah? Because the theme of our memcached number is a caching system that is designed to help your sites run as fast as a cheetah catches up with its prey.

    The topic of the issue was memcached by chance. The author smira tried and wrote extensive material under the general title “Web, caching and memcached”, in which he described in great detail what memcached is and how it works. Only we have the full author’s version of the article.

    In this issue you are also waiting for articles on such new topics as UML, DSL. As well as a couple of CSS-related articles, an article from Yarc that continues to write great articles on MooTools, a translation of an WPF-related article, and an article on how to make friends GTK and Visual Studio.

    As you remember, in the second issue, Aesma became the best author with a series of articles about creating themes for WordPress. This time smira is the clear winner. Both authors wrote extensive materials, so it’s difficult to decide who to give the title of best author of October 2008. Nevertheless, we recognize smira as the best author who wrote, in our opinion, more complex and rich material.


    All articles are placed in the issue with permission of the authors.


    I express gratitude to the authors who wrote wonderful articles on Habré in the second half of October.

    Project News

    The habradigest project now has an RSS feed that you can subscribe to from . This channel will run through the project news, as well as announcements of articles that are selected for placement in future issues. Thus, the subscriber of our rss will always know in advance the contents of the next release.

    Best author

    The best author of Habrahabr in October 2008, according to habradigest, is Andrei “smira” Smirnov with his extensive article on memcached. Great job.

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