LTSP, Ubuntu. Thin Client Configuration Issues

    Good day, dear Habra community.
    I work at my university, and it was decided to transfer the old computer rooms to the terminal system.

    The essence is this: Computers boot from a bootable floppy disk, and ask DHCP for an image of the system to load, DHCP sends them to the terminal server, from where they load the image of the Linux system. When loading, autologin is performed and RDP starts.

    while [ "$var0" != "$var1" ]

    rdesktop -d sfmgus.local -f konika2003 -r usb=/media/usb -k ru-RU




    exit 0

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    The essence of this script is to run rdesktop and the user to work in a windows environment with normal system performance, while working on a computer with "defective hardware". The rdesktop launch line is in an infinite loop, so the user will not (at least I think so) get to the system on which rdesktop is running.

    It all works great. However, the problem is that the parameter
    -r usb=/media/usb

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    does not work, i.e. connecting the flash drive to our "flawed" computer, it is not mounted in rdesktop, as in fact, all the hardware displayed in rdesktop is on the server.

    When setting up this whole thing, I was guided by the following:

    Automounting flash drives

    To automatically mount flash drives, you must do the following.
    We go into / opt / ltsp / i386 / and install ltspfsd there, take it from here:
    chroot / opt / ltsp / i386 /
    dpkg -i ltspfsd_0. 4.3 + debian2_i386.deb
    Or to put repository
    aptitude install ltspfsd

    installed on the server ltspfs
    dpkg -i + ltspfs_0.4.3 debian2_i386.deb
    Or to put repository
    aptitude install ltspfs

    This is a quote from text on

    In general, the essence of the problem is to have CD-ROM (Dvd), Flash drives working on the local machine, which I can not achieve in any way. If someone was doing this, tell me how it can (should?) Be implemented. Or, at least poke your nose into the manual. Google searches give nothing.

    Ubuntu version: 8.04
    LTSP version: 5

    The following resources were used to accomplish this task:

    UPD: If anyone else is following the topic, a partial solution can be found in the topic "LTSP. Connecting Flash media for clients."

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