Mactubes is a conductor of youtube environment.


    MacTubes is a browser. But not ordinary. As you may have guessed, it doesn’t browser web pages for us. And he will give us youtube videos. And he does it easily and naturally :-) Like any other browser, he can:

    1. Search by author, tags, names.
    2. Select the country, "in which to search"
    3. Show videos in flv (low) or mp4 (high) quality
    4. Download in the quality in which we need
    5. Create Bookmarks, Subscriptions. Group everything as needed by user
    6. He has his own, built-in downloader. Which supports the nth number of downloads.

    In general, in my opinion, all that is needed from a video browser is that it can :-) In addition, it is free.
    You can download it here:

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