Once upon a dead autumn dark night ...



    Once upon a dead autumn dark night, on the Friday of the 13th, when the moon was full in the sky, Samiznaetekto know themselves wherever they know, because they know why they decided to light up themselves on Habrahabr.

    Logged in, which means that Samiznaetekto themselves know nowhere, and, as expected, the first thing I noticed was the design.

    Well, not so bad, Samiznaetekto thought. - “Cleanly so. But navigation is unimportant. Immediately obvious for programmers done. What kind of CL is this? It would be better if X ** were written, it would be clearer. And fonts are dull shit. Sans serif. I’ll write about it, let's see what they say. ”

    Samiznaeteko’s karma was naturally at zero, so I had to write on my personal blog. Without thinking twice, he entered the name of the topic“The fonts here are dull shit” and a small text dedicated to the fact that it would be nice for designers to kill themselves against the wall. He published a topic and began to wait for reviews on his creation.

    The first comment did not keep itself waiting: “You are just like Lebedev. You write the same finger. Less coworking should be read .

    Samiznaetekto boiled with such impudence.

    reveal commentary - he answered angrily. But, since there were too many idiomatic expressions in this writing, he was immediately bombarded.

    “Yes, and you write as Lebedev, too,” came the reply.

    Samiznaetekto looked at the negative meaning of his Krama. Well, at least they write the minus correctly, he thought. And went to read topics.

    “What the fuck Where are the articles about design? Even articles about our Parser3 and those not. What the fuck up resource? And from Apple only write about the iPhone. It’s as if Apple only does iPhones, ” Artemy Andreevich TM whispered under his breath , “ But the vote for the comments is still oh ** oh. I Learn the same will do " .

    After some time, Artemy Andreevich TM came across this very post. He read it twice, and even began to read the third but realized that he was losing his mind. Therefore, he knocked out his Mac and went to sleep.

    That night, Artemy Andreyevich TM could not fall asleep for a long time. Ideas about improving Habrahabr climbed into my head, and the feeling that from somewhere out of the darkness the attentive gaze of a white horse was directed at him.

    // The entire text is considered exclusively as a banter.

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