Parable of the Kung Fu Masters

    Once, a young man came to the old master who wanted to learn from him. And the master decided to test it, as it should.

    “There is such a parable about the four kung fu masters,” said the old martial arts mentor. - They wanted to know which of them knows martial arts more deeply. But since they were truly masters, they did not fight, but went to the market square and set their own test - they created such a situation on this square that people wanted to stone them. Having agreed in advance that the one who will more easily resolve this situation for himself will win.

    The first master beat all the stones with his hands and feet, and not a single stone touched him.

    The second master dodged the stones, as if flowing around them. And no one managed to get into it.

    The third master openly looked at those who threw stones at him - and no one could aim from his gaze - the stones did not reach or flew by.

    And in the fourth nobody threw a stone ... The

    master was silent for a while and asked the young man:
    - What is this parable about?
    - She is about how a real master is felt from a distance. Everyone is aware of his mastery and mortal danger emanating from him! The student candidate answered instantly.
    “Stupid,” the mentor said. - What makes you think that the fourth master was scared? Maybe he was rolling in the dust and shouting: “Please don't hit me!”? And that's why no one touched him?

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