We don’t need such kindness

    Masterhost launches "MasterSite" - a free hosting of sites with pre-installed CMS 1C-Bitrix. I have to work with the mentioned brands, so I decided to see what they offer there.

    Registration - here (“send” you need to click twice for some reason). The user receives a truncated bitrix, without the ability to edit the design (only through the constructor) and a third-level domain. Limited-available modules: blog and photo gallery.

    What for? Who is this service for?
    - For a newbie? So he does not understand Bitrix, this is a complex system. Or for a very annoying newbie?
    - Maybe for the pros? It would be fun to have a platform for testing templates with no time limit.
    Then what for to block access to design templates, etc.?

    In general, I regret to say that I personally do not need such a service, with all due respect to Masterhost. And you?

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