The fastest and easiest registration on the site

    In many cases, just one field and one button are enough to register on the site!
    No captcha, passwords, password replay, only e-mail. I came to this conclusion for myself, designing the interface of the next social network.

    The registration form looks like this:

    Registration form

    How does the registration form work? Yes, the same as always: an automatically generated link to activate an account and a password are sent to the e-mail of a person who wants to register. By clicking on the link, the future user thereby activates his account and gets to his profile page, where he can specify all the additional information about himself, change the password, and so on.

    Password and password reuse are not needed ,
    because the password will be generated automatically, and if the user considers it necessary, he will change it in the profile when he wishes.

    CAPTCHA is not needed ,
    because if the robot is registered, it will not be able to reply to the registration confirmation e-mail. If the account is not activated by the sent link within, say, a day, it is quite possible to delete the entered e-mail from the database.

    Login is not needed ,
    because the username will be his e-mail.

    Name and surname are not needed , the
    first part of the e-mail will automatically become a nickname in the system (before the dog).
    Further in the profile you can enter your name and surname, as it always and always happens.

    The only problem I see is the namesake problem. There is some likelihood that two or more users with the same nickname will be registered in the system (if they have the first parts of the e-mails turned out to be the same). No errors will arise - logins, i.e. their e-mails are different, just their messages on the site will be signed with the same names, which can mislead other users. I think this problem is completely solved by checking the availability of the login “on the fly” - anyway, any self-respecting registration form must check the entered e-mail for uniqueness, i.e. the lack of such in their database. If the nickname (the first part of the e-mail) is already in use, you can automatically add a serial number to it. There will be petr , and there will be petr1. Again, in the profile, a person will enter a unique nickname, which on most self-respecting sites is the user's name and surname.

    Perhaps I didn’t notice a catch somewhere, then I will be grateful for the training (do not hit hard, I'm not a programmer, but a designer). And no matter how much I suspect myself of inventing a bicycle, nowhere could I find a registration form consisting of a single input field.

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