Do not call yourself Westwood!

    Today I came across a vivid example of the original corporate identity for the Westwood Hotel, which was developed by the Montreal designer Julien De Repentigny:

    image 3103 / adeator.5 / 0_1b964_ee6f2fd4_L.jpg

    approach is really quite original as for the hotel segment (I recommend to look at other works that the designer publishes on his blog ( However, in this bright style there is one huge BUT, which, it seems to me, served as the desire of the owners to to share now, at least in style ...

    The main question that arose for me, who was interested in the hotel after I tried to find it on the Internet, for which Westwood hotel was this style made?

    If you enter “Westwood Hotel” in Google, you will get at least 5 different Westwood hotels in different parts of the world that are completely unconnected by a hotel chain or a single concept. But the name is common. And where to go after that? What to watch? Where to looking for?

    Here is the power of naming.

    So much for the search engine promotion.

    Stand out!

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