The Bricked Mac Pro: 2588 bricks in 14 hours

    Almost a month ago, someone calling himself RP Cuenco posted a video on Vimeo , in which at a very fast pace, in just 3 minutes, a long 14 hours of real assembly of the Mac Pro from Lego bricks fly by. He did this for the Mac Mod 2008 contest .

    Gizmodo even managed to ask a few questions to a young man with lots of free time. The most important, of course, is “not overheating?” To which RP Cuenco replied that “there is no serious overheating, but in which case I just remove the side wall”.

    In fact, in this Mac Pro-like system unit, two computers are hiding: a Mac Mini with a 250GB hard drive (the system itself runs on an eSATA drive) and a second, “self-assembled” PC running Hackintosh: 2.4GHz Intel Q6600 Quad Core, Gigabyte ep35-ds3l motheboard, BFG NVIDIA 8800gt with 512 Mbytes, 2GB of 800MHz RAM, 750 and 400GB harddrives.

    And that guy in the video that reads the comic, according to estimates, does it for 3 hours - apparently from boredom.

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