BullDoc 0.31 Released

    Made export to a monolithic html-file and added utf-8 encoding support for the Russian language.

    About the program: BullDoc is a system for creating documentation. It is a complex in php, which can be used without a web server through the command line, or in the form of a site running apache. Documentation sources are stored in text files and can be placed in svn. The documentation is exported to fully static html (one file per page or one monolithic file), for posting on the site and for downloading. There is an export to the chm help file.

    Details of changes:
    Added support for utf8_rus language. Wrapper functions for working with strings in templates and support for both a lot of byte encodings and traditional 8-bit ones have been added
    An export was made to a monolithic html-file, links to sections and table of contents links correctly point to the corresponding anchors in the text. Images and styles are stored next to the book file and are correctly displayed when viewing a file from disk. This export option is convenient for printing a book.

    Some notes
    I wrote that Microsoft's affordable CHM compiler does not support UTF-8. It seems there is no such encoding for the content. If suddenly you are in the cool, and I'm wrong - correct me please.

    I thought a lotabout printing documents from the browser in general, and from this system in particular. In my opinion, the most decent-looking printout (and the most decent pdf) will be obtained when printing (on a printer or in pdf via pdf-printer (Acrobat Distiller)) a monolithic html file containing the entire documentation.

    I picked a few libraries for direct output to PDF, but I am skeptical in advance because I’m afraid that the Russian text will not stand out and be copied into your pocket, at least (if the Russian letters are embedded as an embedded charset), or even will be crooked, as a maximum). Also, I have not yet seen a neat html to pdf converter, even for English. However, I definitely pick these tools, because Export to PDF is a good thing.

    HTML To PDF Conversion
    Creating Dynamic PDF files using HTML and PHP
    HTMLDOC (binary sell, GPL source)

    Standard details:
    Tasks, goals and features of the program
    Example step-by-step

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