The strangest technical support calls

    Service company Robert Half Technologies conducted a survey among 1,400 technical support and system administrators at randomly selected US companies with more than 100 employees. The experts were asked: “what question or user request did you find the strangest?” And either the work of the system administrators in America is not as fun as ours, or they were asked too officially, but many of the answers do not seem so strange. See:
    • Can you rearrange the keys on the keyboard alphabetically?
    • Restart the Internet, please!
    • Make me a robot

    Problems with mice often turn out to be problems with real, living mice. And not only:
    • Remove the mouse from the ceiling!
    • I saw a lizard crawl into the server and die there. Now it does not work.
    • Skunk ate my cable!

    The administrator has to solve non-technical problems:
    • How to make my manager unable to read my mail?
    • Can I connect cable to my computer?
    • I do not want to receive emails on Fridays

    And the technical problems that come to the help desk are sometimes not related to computers:
    • Will you put a radio in my car?
    • Where can I put my dry ice?
    • How long is the potato baked in the microwave?
    • My daughter closed in the bathroom. Can you open the lock?
    • Where can I get a program to track UFOs?

    Well, it's common, right?

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