Minibar for programmers v0.1


    c't magazine within the framework of iCamp
    holds a minibar for programmers and invites
    active Habrahabr users to it .

    Date: October 2, Thursday, evening.
    Venue - Moscow, a cozy cafe-bar in the center in the
    Taganskaya metro area (details at registration). The

    organizers provide reservation, availability of necessary
    equipment, a covered table for more active communication.
    Planned number of participants - 50
    Hurry up! We will be glad to see you!

    I want:
    * free communication
    * a couple of reports for 10-15-20 minutes on an arbitrary topic related to programming or programmers
    * run in the format of minibars on programmers
    * discuss the competition for programmers , which announced c't and the very idea of ​​such competitions.

    Contacts for communication and registration on the minibar:

    Vyacheslav Matsnev - registration

    Oleg Potapov - for all other questions :)

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