Letter to startups

    Hello. I'm Alex. I would like you to do a startup, the social essence is this ... The user can play as a programmer, programmer's friend and hacker. And if the user plays as a programmer, then the programmer will post the code of some task, distributed version control systems are filled by programmer friends and hackers and make the task code better. You can rob the cows ...And programmers are different to do something so that in different languages ​​one problem can be solved ... And the engine can be put so that in the distance it’s like a website, when it approaches it is converted to a distributed version control system. You can buy, etc. features as in assembla.com. And the rest use this repository too, and there are imports from svn and cvs. You can commit, etc. If you play as programmer’s friends, you need to make corrections to the published code, and wait for the arrival of hackers (I didn’t come up with a name) and pocket-readers, and participate in improving the code of other users (hackers, pocket-readers ...). Well, if for a hacker ... that means karmadrochery sometimes attack, the user himself can commander to do what he wants to commit anywhere and everyone is waiting. There are 4 zones on the site. Those. the site and it has 4 zones, 1 - the programmer (profile),

    Also, so that the game can not only commit but also comment, and if the user is mined then it will be banned, as well as the right to commit but the user can only check out, or get or buy some features. You can save ...

    PS I want such a startup for two years.

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