Broadcast "RHT: High loads" in Perm

    Perm will host a live broadcast of a conference of developers of high-load RIT systems : High loads .

    The event will be held September 22-23 in the assembly hall of the student club of Perm State University with the active support of ProfiClub and the assistance of ER-Telecom. The broadcast starts at 12:00.

    The conference program included more than 30 reports from leading developers of Russian companies: Yandex , , SUP , RBC , Rambler , Masterhost , Spylog , and others.

    The declared topics of the conference:
    - selection and design of architecture of web projects
    - computing scaling
    - database scaling
    - server technologies
    - testing systems and applications
    - server administration

    This event is a great opportunity for web programmers, students and teachers to get unique knowledge from leading experts in the country. This is an opportunity to meet and chat with like-minded people, to expand the circle of professional contacts.

    You can register for the event at

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