What can be offered to geek as a gift? Universal selection

    It is time for gifts. Although, wait, any time is suitable for gifts!

    More recently, lovers celebrated the 14th of February, and after a couple of days, men in Russia and some other countries will begin to receive gifts in honor of another holiday - February 23rd. Many will get their deodorant and socks, but not everyone wants such a gift, right? No, deodorant with socks is not bad at all, but sometimes you want a shower gel or something more original.

    We in Dadget, on reflection, decided to make our own selection of gifts that would be nice to get a geek. Not necessarily on the 23rd of February, the selection can be called universal. Of course, it is subjective, but we hope that with its help it is possible to reduce the flour of choice.

    Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50

    At first glance, it is scales. And in fact, this device can measure the user's weight without problems. But the device can do much more than just weigh.

    It can determine the ratio of fat and water in the human body. In addition, he knows how to count the pulse. Determine the scales and the amount of carbon dioxide from the ambient temperature.

    The collected data scales are transferred wirelessly (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) to the user's mobile device. Both Android and iOS are supported. In general, these are no longer scales, but indeed, a whole analyzer of your body and the microclimate of the rooms in which we live.

    Sounder iBobber

    A big fish or a big catch of smaller fish is the dream of many fishermen. In order to achieve this dream, the fisherman needs knowledge and experience. Although even they do not guarantee getting what you want. Well, if fishing trips happen often, then a day without a catch will not be a tragedy. Well, if you can leave once a month, and even less?

    In this case, you can help yourself by using a modern device, iBobber echo sounder. It allows you to find out if there is a fish in the chosen place, determine the depth and perform several other tasks. The depth of the device is about 45 meters, the diameter of the coating is up to 75 meters. The angle of coverage is 42 degrees.

    The device is quite practical, difficulties in its use should arise. It is equipped with LEDs that allows you to fish at dusk or even in complete darkness. The echo sounder software helps you plan your fishing taking into account the forecast of temperature, pressure and precipitation. Plus, the calendar has the time of sunrise, sunset, moon phases, tide table. The echo sounder is suitable for use in winter and summer, read more about its capabilities here .

    Well , we have the opportunity to purchase it in Russia .

    Tesla: a self-charging electric lighter that works everywhere

    According to the developers, the system is a combination of electromagnetic induction and an electric arc in an aluminum-magnesium package. As mentioned above, all that needs to be done is to shake the lighter before use.

    The system produces electricity when a neodymium magnet moves with a diametrical magnetization in a spiral. A single shake generates a charge that is sufficient for the operation of an electric arc for a duration of 3 seconds.

    The aluminum-magnesium body of the lighter is impact resistant and does not corrode over time. Well, and the rubber inserts protect the inside of the lighter from water and dust (IP55w).

    What can you use this lighter? For a trivial cigarette lighting. In addition, you can set fire to paper - it is very useful for those people who have to make fires. Incendiary mixture is not always there, matches or ordinary lighters also tend to run out or deplete their life. And here is an almost eternal device that is not afraid of water, dust, or shock. Yes, and external power he does not need.

    Thermal imager Seek Thermal XR

    Another interesting device is a thermal imager that allows you to see the heat and cold. It is enough to connect it to a smartphone or tablet, after which it will be possible to monitor, for example, heat leakage from a house or a heat pipe. In the summer, similarly, you can follow where the flow of cold air, which generates air conditioning.

    Such a device can be used at home, in the office, at work - anywhere. Among other uses of the imager is the definition of poor contact or short circuit in the electrical network. Increased heating of mechanical systems will help identify problem areas - for example, areas without lubrication or worn bearings.

    The thermal imager is also useful for the hunter, since the device helps to see a warm-blooded animal at a distance of up to 300 meters.

    Seek Thermal can only work with Android smartphones that support USB-OTG. You can check support by connecting a microUSB USB flash drive to your smartphone or a regular USB flash drive, mouse or keyboard via a MicroUSB-USB OTG adapter. To operate the imager, you need to install the Seek Thermal application from Google Play or the App Store.

    Thermal imager can be found in our catalog .

    Infrared thermometer

    Tests using four different infrared thermometers, including ours.

    What can our thermometer? Yes, a lot. Here are just a little bit of possible uses when the thermometer helps to determine:

    - Bath temperature and baby food
    - Ideal conditions for brewing tea or drinking wine
    - Food freezing temperature - Heating
    - Heating elements and soldering iron for soldering
    - Technical equipment, engine temperature in the car
    - The temperature of the extruder and desktop 3D printer

    The receiver of the infrared range is made with a lens with a window in the middle for the measurement. Laser pointer to determine the location of the measurement is missing. The device is a household, not a professional thermometer. For a more accurate measurement, it is advised to change the distance to the minimum to the object.

    You can read the test results here and here , and order it here .

    Smart lamp "Samosvet Mini"

    This is a small self-contained luminaire that is equipped with both motion and light sensors. It works on batteries. Install it stands where the light is needed, but do not want to constantly turn it on or off. You know how it happens - turned on the light bulb, forgot about it, leaving the room and remembered a day later. Accordingly, the level of energy consumption of an office or apartment rises, and you have to pay more.

    By the way, “Samosvet Mini” does not turn on during the day and does not consume its batteries. Its installation is simple, the installer’s skills are not needed :)

    Such a lamp is ideal as an auxiliary lighting system. It is useful in the country, in the office, in the garage and many other places. Buy it - no problem .

    Marlon Smart Luggage

    A person who travels at least once every couple of years needs a suitcase. And if it is also a convenient suitcase, then the journey will be a sheer pleasure without unpleasant trifles. Marlon - a suitcase with a large capacity, strong frame, practical and replaceable wheels, a battery for recharging the device owner and the ability to pack their own. The handle and other mechanical parts of the suitcase are assembled so as to last as long as possible.

    One of the useful features of this suitcase is help in packing things. With the help of a special system of levers, it can compress the contents.

    The case comes with a built-in removable battery with a capacity of 10400 mAh. During the trip, gadgets are discharged - this is the law. And as soon as this happened, the device can be charged. The battery is fixed in a special pocket, so that it can be removed if necessary (for example, when passing control).

    He himself is waterproof, handles and wheels - especially durable. The developers who presented their system on Kickstarter, tried their best.

    Car alarm "Autophone Alfa-Beacon"

    The device is small, but it can be very much.

    If you or the person you want to congratulate have a car, then it's time to think about purchasing such a gadget as Avtofon Alfa-Mayak. This is a car alarm system, which in case of theft periodically makes contact, showing where the car is located.

    Autophone - our domestic development, which is present on the market since 1997 and is constantly being improved.

    The advantage of the device is also the service provided with it. So, by calling the hotline number and informing the number of the application to the ATS about the theft of the car, the operators take over all the work of managing and searching for the beacon, and also transmit the data from it to the police through official channels.

    With the help of a car beacon, you can track a lost four-legged friend or even an elderly relative, a person who already finds it difficult to navigate the terrain. But, of course, all this is additional opportunities. Read more about what Avtofon can do here . Purchase - here .

    Yes, the selection was not too extensive, but there is something to choose from. To make it easier, we offer a 10% discount for all Geektimes readers on those products that we have on sale and are listed here. The discount is available on the code GEEKT-23.

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