Finder - Alternatives

    I’ll tell you about three alternative programs to the natural Finder. It is strange that they were not mentioned here. So, three programs - for three types of people working on Mac:
    1. If you are a conservative and transferred to Mac directly from MS-DOS ...

    then mucommander is created for you. A multi-platform file browser, ftp, image viewer, archive handler, etc., in the style of the notorious Norton Commander, such a blue one, remember? By the way, the program is free, who cares :) Under the picture there are a bunch of screenshots. 2. If you’re out of windows and apples ... then better than Macintosh Explorer

    for you did not come up with. As the name of the program says, you will come across an almost complete analogue of the explorer for Windows. (Their page is currently temporarily on strike ...) There is a program of $ 15 - to make life easier for the switcher a small amount.

    3. If you are such a cool Mac that Finder doesn’t suit you anymore ...
    For those like you, there is also a proposal - PathFinder. This program combines a tab file browser, FTP client, terminal, editor and graphics converter, archiver (Stuffit Engine integrated), creating, downloading, checking and converting images, writing files to optical disks, text and HEX editor. In addition, the number of settings for the very finicky and pampered. Well, you can also write and integrate scripts for it yourself, for greater automation. It costs $ 35. A little IMHO for such a harvester.

    Paid programs offer unlimited functionally demo versions. As the Macintosh Explorer page rolls around, the demo can be downloaded on Versiontracker .

    Disclaimer vs. Holivars: Finder is a great program. The ones I cited are neither better nor worse, they are different. Freedom is a choice.
    Advertising: An apple a day keeps virus away.


    UPD : you need to add ForkLift . In addition to all file browser and ftp-chips, Amazon S3 and blue-tooth devices are also supported. It costs $ 45. And by the way, not a word flashed about him ...

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