Google - personal apocalypse

    Attention! In this topic, we are not talking about a license, although it is mentioned here in its first version.

    Few really read license agreements before installation.

    By sending, publishing and displaying the content, you grant Google a perpetual, non-revolving, valid in all countries, royalty-free and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly distribute, publicly display and copy any Content that you submit, publish or post for display using the Services.

    Now let's see how this license shines for us, along with other Google services.

    Tobish, everything that you managed to do with the help of this browser - it’s quite legitimate for you to fall into the hands of Google. Including personal, personal information. Photos, correspondence, forum posts. And Google generally likes to store a bunch of different information at home. Previously, he only knew what you were looking for. Then Google Mail appeared and he found out what and with whom you are texting. Then a Google reader appeared and he found out what you are reading. In our time, it is important not so much to own this information as to be able to process its large volumes and take advantage of it. It seems to me Google can do this.

    Two days ago, the third version of picasa was released - it can now recognize faces. You yourself sign your photos and from now on Google knows what you and your loved ones look like. Even if you don’t do such nonsense, your friend who has your photo and picasa will do it. In theory, it’s enough to sign one person once so that Google recognizes this person in all the photos stored in the database.

    Are you still not scared? If you summarize all of the above, you get a very detailed personal file for every Internet user who uses Google tools. And which of us did not use them? Can you imagine the details about which you can find out if you set out to take advantage of this? Yes, to hell with it, with benefit, just imagine a person has been using the whole range of Google services for 5 years in a row. A 5-year-long dossier: all photos in chronological order, sometimes with even gps coordinates - you know where you were, when and with whom. Your entire history of search queries - what you were looking for, what you were interested in, when. Your history of site visits is what you read, what information you own, what you bought, where, for what amount, what you are interested in. What hurt, where did you go, what films did you watch, in which movie theaters, do you use drugs, Do you visit opposition sites, which porn do you prefer. All your correspondence, with whom, about what. All information about your contacts collected in the same way as yours - with photos and everything else.

    If you correctly collect all these data together, you can get to know a person better than his own mother knows. His psychological portrait, area of ​​interest. What will they do next with this data? Well, Google will swear that all this will be used solely for the best reason to make our life easier and more convenient, for example, advertising targeting. Well, who would doubt it. But doubts gnaw me that a person who understands what kind of power is in his hands will resist the temptation to use it. Well, or not a person, but an organization. After all, we know that when it comes to business, all cries about freedom of speech and the protection of personal life remain cries.

    Someone will say - so what? I have nothing to hide, I am a law-abiding citizen, well, think - they know everything about me - and what next? I am a little gray mouse that nobody cares. - Indeed, you will only be a part of the statistics. We will not consider cases when all this data falls into the hands of a petty scammer who once “accidentally” meets you in a bar and understands you well that it doesn’t go away for a couple of days, as he becomes your best friend to the grave, and a week later disappears with your wife, having previously received your company, home and borrowed money. Of course I will exaggerate, this cannot happen to you, this is not a movie, right? You will be simply invisible in a crowd of people like you, who, using statistics and personal information, are simply very efficiently and imperceptibly brainwashed and suck in different crap, which you really need, cutting off coupons from you. There were no associations with a herd of sheep, no? Well, well, why do we need excitement, why do we need to know that the entire advertising industry is paid by us

    But to be a gray mouse may not work. Each person has his own weaknesses. And if you know how to use them, you can twist the rope from you. And when are millions of such people?

    I will not summarize, I’m sure that your imagination will help you and draw an appropriate picture of the personal information apocalypse, under the guidance of Google, no worse than me. Of course, I could be wrong. I’m just paranoid and it’s natural for me to see what is actually not there. I'm almost certainly mistaken. Only here in that picture that I drew is nothing impossible, neither technically, nor be that as it may.

    As for me, after all these thoughts, I demolished Chrome. Now I’m thinking, how would it be more convenient for me to refuse mail with a reader?

    About how to counter this - I will tell you next time.

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