How do you make design previews?

    I’m not a designer at all, I’m a collage maker, but here something has piled up clients and, naturally, they need to send different versions of designs. I used to notice that for some reason the big boys in Safari frame the design, but here I was convinced by experience that if you send, say, by mail, then without a decorative frame the browser window doesn’t look exactly as it should ...

    In short, I couldn’t sleep today and I got this kind of thing -

    The point is simple - we load the site design, we get it framed by all your favorite browsers. And there you can give a link to a page with previews or just download ready-made pictures. Everything is not perfect there yet, but it is quite workable. Use on health, as they say.

    - I made a bunch of settings (More Settings) ...

    - You can increase the quality of jpg up to 90 (while up to 90).
    - If you select Size: By Uploaded Image - the frame will be the size of the downloaded image (rubber)
    - You can specify an arbitrary address in the URL bar
    - You can turn off small previews
    - You can give a link to all your previews (my previews)
    - You can give a link to all your large format previews (my big views): it’s convenient to upload several designs and show them to the customer in this form or present a portfolio.
    But ... There are two problems:

    1. I laughed a bit (I hope it is excusable for the first 12 hours of the site) - I changed the mechanism for mapping downloads to the user so that you can give links not only to one preview but to the entire portfolio. As a result, you will not see previously downloaded files in my previews (although they are there - if you gave someone a link, he will see them).

    2. My gigabyte on hosting ends! Of course, I can go somewhere on with 50GB but there will be slowdowns. Therefore, I decided to switch to the VIP tariff, and beg for more space. But they may not have time to translate how the place will end. So I will delete the first boot as necessary. Well, I didn’t expect that you would start to upload everything, I wasn’t prepared :) Moreover, you still don’t see them because of problem 1.

    The plans are to add the Publish checkmark - suddenly someone is not sorry to show their work to everyone. I’ll do something like live broadcast. You might think that you can pick up contact info too - suddenly a tough customer will find you there and will want to contact you.

    Thank you all for your criticism. Thank you very much, as they say :)

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