What Opera thinks about Chrome

    The entry of a new player into the browser market in the form of Google Chrome caused considerable stir in the world. Someone hastened to call this a new era of browser engineering, someone began to predict a radical redistribution of the browser market and the beginning of a new browser war. However, such authors can be understood: not every day one of the global giants of the software market releases a new software product designed for the already entangled crowded market niche.

    However, unnecessary emotions are useless - the new browser is still far from becoming a real competitor for the most popular "old-timers". At the moment, this is only a kind of concept browser, in which several new ideas are implemented, but so far there are no many small, but no less important functions for the user.

    It is worth noting that the creators of Google Chrome did not limit themselves to implementing only their own ideas, but added several successful solutions already used in other browsers to the browser. Moreover, it is nice to realize that some of the most prominent of them were borrowed from Opera. This also applies to binding the address bar directly to the page, and some similarities to the Quick Start panel, and many others.

    Therefore, it is not surprising that almost half of the discussions on the network concerned comparing the capabilities of Chrome and Opera, and the head of Opera Software, Jon von Techner, was simply bombarded with questions about his attitude to the new browser. Jon got the phone too: one telephone interview was replaced by another almost without interruption all day. Given that the actual range of issues is the same for almost all journalists, the creator of Opera decided to publish the publicly available official point of view of Opera Software in general and in particular on the pages of My Opera. Now the translation of this article into Russian is also ready, so everyone who is interested in Opera's opinion about Chrome, I invite you to read it on our website.

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