Microsoft: Goodbye Laser Mice!

    The transition from optical to laser mice was a rather important stage in the "thinking". But now, it seems Microsoft is ready to take us to the next stage of evolution. True, in what way - is not yet clear.

    A mysterious banner appeared on the Microsoft Hardware website with the slogan “Goodbye, laser mice!” and the date September 9, 2008. Nothing more.

    It is known that on September 9, the Microsoft hardware division has a large presentation in Seattle, where new developments will be presented, including new mice and keyboards.

    It is logical to assume that some new technology will be introduced that will replace the built-in lasers in the mice (for example, they can present Blue Track: mouse on LED indicators with a wide-angle lens, photo under a habrakat).

    But it is also possible that some fundamentally new input device will be presented that has nothing to do with familiar mice.

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