Yahoo vs. Google. Who will win: man or car?

Original author: Loren Baker
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Over the past few years, Yahoo has undergone significant changes, partly due to internal problems and financial reasons, as well as due to the emergence of social networks.

With the introduction of social services such as Flickr and Yahoo Answers in the lives of its registered users, Yahoo has become more like a social network based on the exchange of life experiences.

In order to understand their changes and the way forward, Jeff Weiner is vice president of Yahoo! Network Division, announced that Yahoo is introducing a new mission statement:

To unite people in their passions, hobbies and world knowledge.

It seemed interesting to me to compare the new mission of Yahoo with the one that represents Google:

Yahoo: To bring people together in their passions, hobbies and world knowledge.

Google: Organize global information and make it accessible and convenient

Of course, the Yahoo mission significantly separates itself from the Google mission, with an emphasis on the rich user experience and emotions, in terms such as: unite, people, addictions, hobbies.

It seems to me that this difference is obvious, because Google chose a different way to unite its users through its search service, and not directly with each other; hence the success of the Google search engine.

The most important difference in the understanding of the words Knowledge and Information:

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines these words as:
Knowledge is a fact or circumstance of knowledge of something obtained through life experience or based on associations.

Information is knowledge obtained through research, study or training.

A slightly different choice of words, and now the differences between the two companies are clearly defined:

Yahoo: Providing knowledge gained through personal experience, associations, awareness and understanding (Answers,, Flickr, Inclusion)

Google: Providing information obtained through research, study, data, measurements and calculations (PageRank, Algorithm, Link Measurement, Profiling)

Two completely different paths of these companies make one wonder who will win in the end. Man or car?

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