5 important life lessons from Kung Fu Panda

    Below is a translation of the article “ 5 Critical Life Lessons You Can Learn From Kung Fu Panda ”, in which the author says that he took out from watching the cartoon “Kung Fu Panda” .
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    In the rather classic storyline of the cartoon “Kung Fu Panda” there are several interesting life lessons, and the learning process is made in the form of a story from “DreamWorks”. Although we first watched the cartoon a week ago, my children are still discussing it.
    In the story, the panda, whose name is Poe, was elected the old wise turtle Ogway, to become the Dragon Warrior and defeat the enemy. Unfortunately, the fat and clumsy Poe is far from the best candidate for this position, and Shifu, the martial artist, and the Furious Five are doubting his victory: Tigress, Monkey, Praying Mantis, Viper and Crane.

    In my opinion, the denouement of the cartoon is closely connected with the numerous streams of wisdom and quotes expressed by various characters. Wisdom can be found everywhere; all you need to do is watch carefully and listen.

    Here are five wise sayings I have chosen:
    1. Live the present
    2. You won’t run away from fate
    3. There is a reason for everything
    4. Our passion gives us strength
    5. At first you may be the most unpromising

    Here's what you can understand from the cartoon “Kung Fu Panda”: act, follow your fate, even if at first glance it seems to you that you can’t . You only need to believe that you are the Chosen One. And, following your Path, you can find out how outstanding you are or how attractive - who you really are. And there is no price for this!

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