LSB 4 - pro et contra

    Not so long ago I read the news about the forthcoming release of the Linux Standards Base, which, according to some, should put an end to the variety of standards in the Linux API.

    But is it good? On the one hand - of course, due to standardization in the main distributions (which "want" to standardize, of course) there will not be such a large number of "bicycles", the stability of different static assemblies will undoubtedly increase. That is, it can attract developers of proprietary software, which will positively affect the development of Linux ... Yes, and just the development of programs should make it easier ...

    But it’s for “bikes” that many linux like it :) The ability to implement anything in a variety of ways - like anyway, one of the main charms of linux. My humble opinion.
    Therefore, I don’t even know how to relate to this ... I'm confused ...

    What do you think?

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