Classmates are close to self-sufficiency

    The season of programs “Conversation without rules” on O2TV channel on July 17 ended with a program featuring Albert Popkov, founder and co-owner of Russia's largest social network And whether the cheerful enthusiasm of the audience of the youth channel made Mr. Popkov look into the future with bold optimism, or is it really something in the activities of the portal in recent months that inspired him to believe in himself, but in a public conversation about profits, he first said that next year, the site should definitely go on self-sufficiency.

    The level of self-sufficiency for a project of this scale is $ 20-25 million in profit per year. Odnoklassniki set the goal to achieve such indicators at the beginning of the year, but then it was only about the hope of at least recouping the costs. In the first three months the site earnedadvertising is only $ 3.3 million, although not all 100% of the profits come from it (there are also paid services).

    It is not entirely clear just how in the remaining time it will be possible to earn the remaining “planned” money. Already in April, 15 million profiles were registered in the social network. The growth rate was such that 20 million registrations are expected from day to day. However, there’s almost nowhere to grow further, because recent polls have shown that 72% of Runet users have a profile on Odnoklassniki. The increase in advertising prices and the introduction of new platforms for its placement, therefore, seems almost inevitable.

    In addition to the topic of income, Popkov also touched on the topic of costs: in the near future it is planned to invest up to $ 10 million in expanding the functionality of the site. This is, in particular, a video sharing service between community users.

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