Rambler-Friends: a social aggregator for importing friends

    The Rambler portal has opened a beta version of the Rambler-Friends website , which is positioned as a universal aggregator of all social networks and other UGC services: it imports friends and content from LiveJournal, LiveInternet, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, YouTube, RuTube etc. At the same time, fresh mail from Mail.Ru, Yandex, and Gmail "gets" here. On one page of the aggregator, the user receives all updates from all social services that he uses.

    After entering the site (for this you need to get Rambler ID), the new user must choose what social networks he uses, where he places photos and videos, where he blogs. It is required to specify a username and password for each service ( why it is safe ).

    The second step is to “import friends” whose blogs, photos, and videos you want to read.

    Actually, after that you can sit around the clock on the Rambler, only occasionally strolling through sites that are not supported by the social aggregator engine.

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