iPhone 3G for $ 199?

    The latest, but not the most pleasant information on AT&T prices on iPhone 3G, directly from stock news feeds.

    With a 2-year contract for those who bought an iPhone before July 11, who add a new phone line to their contract and / or are entitled to discounts when upgrading:
    8gb ... $ 199
    16gb ... $ 299

    For everyone else, with a 2-year contract:
    8gb ... $ 399
    16gb ... $ 499

    It is also supposed to purchase without signing a contract:
    8gb ... $ 599
    16gb ... $ 699

    Sales will begin on July 11 at 8 am.

    PS: Recently, a scheme was discussed for buying an iPhone 3G by signing a 2-year contract and refusing to pay a fine. The standard fine for AT&T in such cases is $ 200. Whether there will be another, greater amount of the fine for contracts with iPhone 3G is not known, but the total cost with this scheme is no less than when buying an iPhone 3G without a contract, so there is no point in this scheme.

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