WPF Datagrid by XcEEED

    I want to share a pleasant find with those who use WPF. Ready DataGrid, free, for version with disabilities.

    xceed datagrid
    XcEED's DataGrid is a convenient custom component for displaying tabular data, adding, modifying, etc. There is automatic (reflective) recognition of data source fields, that is, you can simply bind the component to, for example, a table from the LINQ DataContext. An example of a working grid: I
    xceed datagrid configurator
    really liked the built-in configurator for a component:
    xceed datagrid configurator
    With it, you can select a skin, configure fields, set the necessary behavior for a grid. In general, everything is for people.
    Skins unfortunately are only available in the paid version, but everything else works in the free (express).

    Oh yes. lives here .

    PS: these comrades opened a wpf dedicated to wpf
    UPD: transferred to dotNET

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