A bit belated impression of ReMix 2008.

    First impression: organized as always at the level, really without queues and misunderstandings.

    The second impression: the first impression is erroneous or something) the queue at the zone with x-boxes, and the largest queue at the Microsoft table. And the queue is very interesting, I’m coming to an end and I hear a dialogue:
    - What do they give?
    - Yes xs, get up and we'll see.
    O magically sacred word - a freebie. (It seemed to me or Macs were on the tables at Microsofta.)

    Third impression:the beginning of the opening speech was late in my opinion for an hour, like (no one was going inside until they gathered more HALYAVA). Speech itself and its attendant are not very bad, emotionally (as they said at school - with expression). Naturally, the dialogue between Ballmer and Nosik is also a little off-schedule), but these are trifles compared to the echo in the simultaneous translation device, HORROR.

    A freebie, and I'm a sinner)) but the Microsoft table was handed the badge and stand for the MSDN mug (I didn’t win the lottery, but those who won give me a box with Visual Studio 2005 Express, that's fun)))) And there’s still a cool book about loot development on Net.FrameWork and 500r. to hosting.parking.ru) Well, right now they will send (recently received a notification) Windows Web Server 2008 can it be downloaded on their website, so is it free or is it trial?

    The fourth and last impression: I met during the break our compatriot Alex Mogilevsky (in truth, I bow my head before the sim). He talked very cool about IE8, about what it would be completely different from what MS did in the browser market before, that this is a new step and that they lack competitors, by the way the reason for not observing CSS in the previous is named. IE - MS simply did not recognize CSS as a standard )

    But the famous awl made

    me ask a question: RUQ: Everything that you talked about for a long time is present and is not an innovation, take for example the same Chanterelle.
    AM: Well, now that MS should close the development of IE, and put FF in the WIndows Update.
    The curtain, and the complete victory of RUQ (I think so).

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