Subversion 1.5 released

    Of the key innovations :
    • Merge Tracking
    • Sparse checkouts (checkout limit by tree depth)
    • Interactive Conflict Resolution
    • Changelists support

    Also increased performance and a bunch of bugs fixed. Hooray, comrades!

    There are no binaries yet :
    Probably the number one thing people are looking for is binaries. I assure you they are coming. CollabNet's binaries are certified and that process cannot begin until the official release is made. So our team is hard at work building and certifying the binaries. The tentative certification schedule is:
    Linux: June 20
    Windows: June 24
    Solaris: June 26

    Fans can compile themselves from source .

    PS: katremer in the comments suggested that TortoiseSVN has already released binaries.
    VisualSVN also updated.

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