OpenSocial: objectively subjective dissatisfaction

    On duty, we needed to integrate with a variety of social networks. And then I realized why Facebook managed to push the giants so. Google just slows down with social networks.

    Alexa now produces such traffic for Orkut, MySpace and Facebook networks now:

    It would seem like a great idea to unite all networks under one API: OpenSocial . I tried to register in February, they did not give me developers sandbox in Orkut, and no one else supported the OS / at the same time I wrote the first widget for Facebook /. He returned in June - and saw that almost nothing had changed. There is more documentation, yes, formally MySpace began to support OpenSocial ... But some of my own :) And from your sandbox in Orkut you can access right up to your sandbox'a /at the same time we began to receive orders for server-side integration with Facebook /.

    So it looks like Google marked the territory, but didn’t finish anything. All efforts are thrown on Google Apps.

    Maybe someone managed to solve the problem “programmatically send a message to friends on social networks”, not from a widget on the site itself? Does anyone else have experience integrating with OpenSocial?

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