[Letter to the young] Dream. Dreams Come True. And I do not know why

    As a child, I dreamed that I would become rich and travel through the cozy cities of Europe. But, being in the center of Barcelona, ​​I did not feel the features of the moment. Everything happened sequentially and even logically. My path, which began in a small village, continued in the capital in an unexpected way for many. And all because I was not afraid to dream.

    Successful graduation and passing exams allowed me to enter a good university. Programming was surprisingly easy. Each profile exam ended with an excellent mark. The teachers were pleased, but I began to doubt.

    The dreams that I dreamed of as a child evaporated. I stopped thinking about traveling around the world and, instead, filled out a resume and chose the future for the highest salary. Having embarked on the “right” path, I got into the system with my own rules and with my ceiling. I realized that I was going the wrong way and did not want to be in that place.

    Growing up, we are supposedly told: “stop dreaming and live in the real world”. But the fact is that reality is not what surrounds us. We create reality for ourselves. Thinking, actions and ideas affect the perception of the world. The world is much more malleable than it seems. It has everything you need. We can only take it.

    “You believed that you could do anything and anywhere and become what you want when you grow up. And then they learned that all this is prohibited. You were told that you need to grow up and stop dreaming, that you should behave wisely and not set too high goals for yourself ”- from the book“ Be the best version of yourself ”.

    It all started with the dream of finding a programmer's job. I was 18. Then I realized that tomorrow's success is the result of today's efforts and used the three summer months to develop skills and in winter reached my goal. I was not too smart. I just wanted and took it.

    Every morning we are given a chance to become better and it would be foolish to miss it. Many people all their life dream of things that are achieved by simple discipline. What are you dreaming of? Perhaps you need to take only one step.

    “Anxiety and doubts are overcome only by action, and a missed chance will remind you of your whole life” - from the article “The Moments Thanks to Which You Live”.

    Dream. The higher your bar, the higher you will be.

    One must be able to dream. Many things about happiness are imposed on us. It is very difficult to find true desires when it is easier to take strangers. I did this too and can still catch myself on the fact that some things that used to seem desirable were uninteresting. But those goals that have long been present in my life, I value more and more every day, because they are the real wishes.

    Waking up and realizing that this is how you would like to live this day is priceless. Our life is getting shorter every minute, and is it not given to us for happiness?

    Dreaming, do not forget to live in the present. After all, John Lennon was not mistaken when he said that life is what happens to you when you make plans for the future.

    After all, dreams are not goals, but rather guidelines. If everything went according to plan, living would be unbearably boring.

    Your life is only a moment. And only you can do it better. Thus, moment by moment, your life will make sense on the way to a dream.

    If you do everything right, then at some point you will realize that dreams have come true, and every day brings joy. What to do right? Make decisions by listening to two voices: logic and intuition. Doubts arise at the moment of their disagreement with each other, but when they reiterate something in unison, know that this is what you need.

    Dream, live and be yourself.

    Everything is possible.

    Know your future is determined by the moments when it’s hard for you. Life will throw obstacles to check how you are ready to master what you want. She is ready to give you everything you need. Are you ready to take this? If so, go and get it.

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